Rhiannon Lewis, Organiser of Botanica2016

Bonjour! I’m delighted to invite you to another exceptional botanica event!

Feedback from participants of the previous botanica events confirms that we now have a clear and well established and botanica identity : the spirit of botanica! This unique identity is what sets us apart from other high calibre educational conferences.

How can we sum up the essence of the spirit of botanica?

We start with the principle that the dynamic exchanges that take place between plant and patient are paramount; as practitioners, researchers, growers or distillers, we are merely acting as facilitators to this relationship that ultimately leads to improved health outcomes. This key principle serves to keep us humble!

This then leads us to the sharing of solid, quality and pertinent information in clinical aromatherapy and related herbal medicine in a way that is devoid of ego, hype or personal agenda; there are no barriers, just a wonderful expansion of our knowledge and skills!

By carefully selecting speakers who are experts in their field and whose ethos is in line with the spirit of botanica, we can ensure that all participants of the event from the most experienced to those starting out on their aromatic or herbal journey can avail of an incredible platform of rich, informative and warm exchanges that ultimately lead to improved therapeutic interventions.

By inviting participants and speakers from literally all over the world, botanica establishes and honors a sense of international community and contacts that have far reaching impact long after the conference has ended.


People have often asked me why I do what I do and what drives me to host botanica2016!

By nature, I’m a pragmatic person – I like demonstrating how information and research can be translated into action and as a result positively impact health and quality of life. As director of Essential Oil Resource Consultants, my main roles involve providing research, information and education in the field of essential oils.

Both botanica2012 and botanica2014 were natural extensions of this work: bringing together wonderful and experienced practitioners and researchers to show how essential oils and plant extracts can and do make a difference in people’s lives. The previous events were packed to the hilt with fabulous solid information about the reality of plant therapeutics and the role of clinical aromatherapy in health care settings…Botanica2016 is set to do the same!

Another thing I love to do is make connections – this precious exchange between like-minded folk fosters progress and broadens horizons on both personal and professional levels. At botanica2016, you will be learning and sharing with peers as well as leaders in your field from different countries. As someone who has lived in different countries, I know how enriching multicultural exchanges can be. What’s more, this conference also brings together the herbal and aromatherapy communities to share experiences and recognise common ground.

This conference has my very personal involvement – for me it is a way of giving thanks for the many students, colleagues and journal subscribers I have had the privilege of working with over the years and who are making an enormous difference to peoples’ lives in their respective countries and places of work.

Finally, botanica2016 is set to do what it says on the label: it is a celebration of plant therapeutics and clinical aromatherapy. I extend you my personal invitation to share in the fun!

Rhiannon Lewis