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Congratulations to all our raffle winners!

Aromahead Institute’s Botanica2016 contest raised just over $10,000 for the three essential oil distillers below to come to the conference!


Check out the list of winners via the link below and well done to all involved


Special Raffle

The raffle ran from January 20th to 29th to raise funds for the 3 botanica distillers (PhiBee Aromatics, Wild Herbs of Crete and Boswellness), organised by Andrea Butje of Aromahead and her amazing team.
There were fabulous prizes to be won from 17 different companies.
We selected these distillers for their passionate expertise, dedication to quality, ethics, respect for the environment and sustainability as well as their commitment to building community. You can view their websites via the links below.
Winners were announced on 1st Feburary via the Aromahead blog.

Distillation Masterclass: “Hydrosols from Plant to Bottle”

Now Booked Out!


This unique two-day Masterclass is led by world experts in hydrosol distillation and has been created especially for botanica2016 participants! The Masterclass will take place on September 6th and 7th 2016 from 10am to 5pm. Cost to attend is £250 plus 20% VAT (Lunch and documentation are included in the cost).Places are limited to just 22 participants: be sure to reserve your place today!


Held on an 80 acre organic farm and small batch distillery near the village of Lewes in Sussex, everything is on hand for learning the key steps to successful distillation of quality hydrosols/ hydrolats as primary products, from plant to bottle. Participants will gain hands-on experience of plant selection, harvest, preparation, distilling technique and recuperation of these precious distilled waters. Additional topics covered in this engaging and informative class include relevant botany, hydrosol chemistry, the influence of distilling fresh versus dry plant material, water quality, storage and handling. The class is being held just a few miles from the University of Sussex, Brighton. Inexpensive transportation to and from the university and the masterclass venue will be arranged.


You can book your place via the registration system

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Currently showing articles 13 to 15 of 22