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A colleague recently said to me that she saw botanica as a reflection of my own nature and life purpose! Hmmm...that really got me thinking! So here is an attempt to describe Rhiannon in a nutshell: I am joyful, thirsty for knowledge, respectful, plant-passionate, professional, unconventional, and determined to make a difference in the health, quality of life and wellbeing of others...drop by drop. So does botanica2018 reflect these qualities? Actually...YES!

Here are a few reasons why:

From its outset, the botanica series has had as its strapline: "a celebration of clinical aromatherapy and herbal therapeutics". It brings together plant-passionate professionals from around the world for a joy-filled weekend combined with excellence in education. Through botanica, we have shown that it is possible to share rigorous ground-breaking research and rich clinical experience with warmth, humour and deep respect for Nature, for plants and for our fellow professionals. An unconventional approach for an event of this calibre perhaps, but one that encourages a wonderful sense of community and breaks down barriers to learning.

So does botanica actually make a difference to lives? YES absolutely! Feedback from all previous events attest that big changes happen both personally and professionally as a result of participating in what is truly a unique event. On a professional level, through the lectures and workshops, expect to be educated and inspired to stretch your knowledge and skills thereby enhancing your therapeutic interventions with patients. Through the contacts you make in the trade show and the effective networking with your peers, you will also make valuable connections that directly affect the way you work and help your business to grow. On a personal level, expect to be welcomed into a community that fosters warm exchanges that are devoid of hype and self-importance, one where sharing and celebrating our mutual values leads to deep friendships and fruitful collaborations!

Another remarkable hallmark of botanica is that it is truly international. In 2016 we welcomed participants from over 40 countries and for 2018 we are set to do the same. As you can imagine, this leads to invaluable exchanges between participants and gives you a real sense of being part of a global network of plant passionate professionals.

So are you ready to change your game? I truly hope that if you resonate with my vision for botanica2018, you will join us at the University of Sussex, Brighton from the 31st August to 3rd September 2018. This will be the last botanica event to take place in England. The early bird discount period ends March 31st. Why not book today? I look forward to welcoming you. Rhiannon