Botanica2016 Conference Programme






09.00 – 12.30: Trade Show set up
09.00 – 10:30 & 10:30 - 12.00 Plant walks and herbal activities
with Vivienne Campbell (Ireland)
11.30 – 13.15: Conference Registration
13.15: Rhiannon Lewis (France) “Welcome to botanica2016”
14.00: Alex Laird (UK) “Restoring our popular heritage of plant medicine within mainstream healthcare”
14.40: Amanda Saurin (UK) 'Wearing plants - landscape, method and imagination"
15.20: Jane Buckle via video link (UK) “Clinical Aromatherapy - a Personal Journal and Lessons Learned”
16.00: Tea/Coffee Break (40 mins)
16.40: Andrea Butje (USA) “Introducing Essential Oil Distillers from around the world”
17.00:Clare Licher - PhiBee Aromatics (USA) "Essential Oils of the American Southwest"
17.20: Janina Sorenson - Wild Herbs of Crete (Greece) "Wildcrafting aromatics plants in Crete"
17.40: Boswellness (USA) "Frankincense and myrrh...the story of Boswellness"
18.00 – 19.30 Botanica2016 Welcome Reception & Meet the Trade Show Exhibitors



08.00: Conference Registration
08.45: Rhiannon Lewis (France) “Welcome to botanica2016”
09.00: Val Edwards-Jones (UK) “Could essential oils help with prevention and treatment of multiply-antibiotic resistant infections?”
09.35: Sandy Van Vuuren (South Africa) “Exploring the anti-infective properties of essential oils and their combinations”
10.10: Takae Ebihara (Japan) “A comprehensive strategy using aromatherapy for dysphagia in the elderly”
10.45: Tea/Coffee Break (40 mins)
11.25: Luc Marlier (France) “The power of odours at the start of life”
12.00: Mark Moss (UK) “I really must post that letter!” – Enhancing prospective memory in the over 60s through exposure to rosemary aroma.
12.35: Final Comments
12.45 – 14.00: Lunch (1hr15mins)
14.00: Bevin Clare (USA) “Only Three Herbs: Approaching the Epidemics of Cancer, Arthritis, and Heart Disease with Herbal Medicines”
14.35: Stribor Markovic (Croatia) “Aromatherapy and urogenital infections in women”
15.10: Tea/Coffee Break (30 mins)
15.40: Françoise Couic Marinier (France) “Essential oils unite beautiful initiatives in French hospitals: An illustrative account”
16.10: Catherine Maranzana (France) The place of clinical aromatherapy in hospital: the aromatic experience of Colmar Civil Hospitals
16.40: Denise Joswiak (USA) " Holistic Aromatherapy; Decreasing Pain, Nausea & Anxiety in Hospitalized Patients"
17.15: Final Comments
17.30: Close of Session
19.00: Transfers to Grand Hotel Brighton
19.45: Botanica2016 Gala Dinner at the Grand Hotel, Brighton
23.30: Return Transfers to University of Sussex



08.50: Rhiannon Lewis (France) “Welcome to botanica2016”

09.00: Ann Harman (USA) “Beyond the Volatiles-A Closer Look at the Distillate Waters?”
09.30: Jo Dunbar (UK) “Into the cauldron: brewing with care (herbal teas)”
10.00: Bevin Clare (USA) “Althaea, Angelica and Arctium: Using powders in Clinical Practice”
10.30: Tea/Coffee Break (40 mins)
11.10: Julian Barker (UK) “A drop of the soft stuff (herbal tinctures)”
11.40: Andrew Tresidder (UK) “Flower Essences - the lazy tools for personal growth”
12.10: Madeleine Knapp-Hayes (The Netherlands) “CO2 extracts – a way forward in clinical aromatherapy”
12.40: Final Comments
12.45 – 14.00: Lunch (1hr15mins)
14.00: Ernst Schrott (Germany) “Using essential oils on the marma points (vital points) as described in Ayurveda: How essential oils can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of ayurvedic treatments in daily practice”

14.35:Timothy Miller (USA) “The stars of medicine: Blending aromatherapy into Clinical Practice”

15.10:Caroline Ingraham “The Language of Smell; celebrating a new way of communicating with other species"

15.45:Anna Rosa Robertsdottir (Iceland) “Medicinal Plants in Iceland: discovering and celebrating Nature‘s Icelandic treasures”


16.20:Final Comments

16.30: Close of Conference



Post Conference Workshops – 3 Hours Duration


09.00 – 12.30: Room G22: Caroline Ingraham “Help your dog and cat heal itself with Applied Zoopharmacognosy"
09.00 – 12.30:Room G35: Michael Isted (UK) “Drinking Plants: How to Create Plant-Based Potions for Health and Happiness”
09.00 – 12.30: Jubilee 155: Colleen Harte (Northern Ireland) Mastering blending using essential oil chemistry with LabAroma
09.00 – 12.30: Jubilee 144: Gabriel Mojay (UK) and Dr Timothy Miller (USA) Joint Pain: Naturopathic and TCM Aromatic Therapeutics
13.30 – 17.00: Jubilee 144: Jo Kellett (UK) “Seasons of Life – Puberty to Menopause with Essential Oils”
13.30 – 17.00: Jubilee 155: Tanya Moulding (UK) “Scent and Psyche – An introduction to botanical perfumery”
13.30 – 17.00: Room G35: Laura Hoy (UK) “Deepening Self-Care for Practitioners - putting self-first and walking the talk”


13.30 – 17.00: Room G22: Deby Atterby (Australia) - The Aromatic Detox and Elimination Technique (ADEM)