Promoting the safe, effective, ethical and professional use of essential oils and plant extracts

With over twenty five years experience in the field of essential oil therapeutics, we recognise that education is a key factor for ensuring effective and safe implementation of plant-based remedies in clinical care. botanica2016 presents the best of the current information in the field of phytotherapy and clinical aromatherapy and gives you quality education at an affordable cost.

The field of plant medicine is rapidly evolving and keeping up to date with research and new experience is an ongoing challenge. botanica2016 gives you up-to-date and evidence-based information that will inspire and improve your care.

Aromatherapy and herbal therapy can sometimes suffer from a banal public image that belies their full therapeutic potential. botanica2016 brings you lectures from experts in clinical aromatherapy and phyto-aromatherapy to demonstrate how to successfully integrate plant extracts such as essential oils in professional care settings.

With increased use of plant remedies in clinical environments, it is imperative that therapists have access to quality essential oils and related products. botanica2016’s International Trade Show gives you access to suppliers of the highest quality of herbal products currently available.


With the popularity and increased use of diverse plant extracts, practitioners need to remain vigilant concerning the environmental impact, sustainability and protection of vulnerable plant populations. Botanica2016 is committed to bringing these issues to your awareness.