Laura Hoy - United Kingdom (Workshop: Deepening Self-Care for Practitioners - putting self first and walking the talk)

One of her favourite parts about this role is communicating with clients about how simply oils can be used to support health, wellbeing & nurturing. This inspired her to start a blog sharingthe pure joy of using oils in every day

Throughout this time Laura has developed her way of working with oils. As well as using them as part of her daily rhythm, she makes bespoke blends in various forms, runs workshops & training in the community and for the general public, and acts as a consultant for use of essential oils in the Martlets hospice. As well as practicing aromatherapy for private clients she works in community projects, including dementia cafes, assisted care homes and a hospice.

Even during her studies, Laura became very aware of how important self-care and self-responsibly were, especially in the field of health care. Although the importance of looking after your body, especially your hands, was very prominent during this training period, she saw many fellow students injured, and a typical picture of a practitioner and their ailments was presented and often referred to. It made no sense to her to compromise her own health while treating another, so working in a way without push, strain or drive has always been at the core of her way of practicing.

The self-care workshop has developedfrom a way of living outside the treatment room, which supports what she is able to bring inside the treatment room. It is inspired by Universal Medicine and the Esoteric Practitioners Association of which she is a member.