Clare Licher of PhiBee Aromatics - USA (1 of 3 lectures from artisanal essential oil distillers)

To gain better understanding of the therapeutic uses of these new essential oils, they look to the ethnobotanical herbal uses, GC/MS reports, their observations of the plants, and their own experiences. They have chosen to keep their activities to a scale that is environmentally sustainable, and preserves their happiness and love of what they do.
Clare says: “I am both deeply honored and grateful for this opportunity to share our work at Botanica 2016. I had the good fortune to attend Botanica 2014 and was very uplifted by the spirit of camaraderie, sharing, and love for the plant world. There were 39 countries represented, and by the end of the conference it felt more like one big family. I am very much looking forward to this next family reunion!”