Adnane Remmal, Morocco

Fighting antibiotic resistance by combining antibiotics with essential oils: Boosted Antibiotics building upon the inherent strengths of both antibiotics and natural essential oils, and combining them to increase effectiveness beyond what either offered independently.

Adnane Remmal is a Professor in Biotechnology at Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah University in Fez, Morocco. He studied biology at the University of Fez, and pursued his studies in the leading scientific centre of Orsay (University of Paris XI) in 1982. He received a postgraduate diploma in electrophysiology and cardiovascular pharmacology as well as a PhD in molecular pharmacology (1987). His first results in fundamental research on the antimicrobial activity of essential oils earned him a second PhD in microbiology in 1994.

Adnane Remmal was the recipient of the "Innovation Prize for Africa" in 2015, an award from the African Innovation Foundation, as well as of the European Inventor Award 2017 in the Popular Prize category.