Holly Bellebuono, USA

“What is Healing? A Global Perspective”

In this thought-provoking and uplifting talk, Holly reflects on one of the most important questions a healing arts professional can ask: What does it mean to be a healer? Health professionals, herbalists, aromatherapists, and healers of all backgrounds must ask the questions: What is healing? Where does healing come from and what is my role in it? Holly draws from her experience as a medical herbalist of 23 years, from her 7-year project interviewing healers from around the world, and from personal stories of indigenous healers, shamans, herbalists, aromatherapists, and physicians working to understand how best to make a difference in people’s lives. With light-hearted humor and deep respect, Holly explores these concepts with inspiration, warmth, and faith in the enduring power of the human spirit, guiding your audience to find relevance, support, inspiration and meaning in their work.

“Women Healers of the World”

To understand the stories of global healers, herbalist Holly Bellebuono interviewed dozens of women from around the world for 7 years, culminating in her award-winning book Women Healers of the World and featuring 31 women from 20 countries and 16 healing traditions. Here she shares the stories of extraordinary healers whose use of plant medicines has had a powerful impact on their communities and on the professions of herbalism and aromatherapy.


An American medical herbalist of twenty-three years, Holly Bellebuono is renowned for her work documenting women healers and teaching herbal formulary and pharmacology. Holly’s seven-year project of interviews and research culminated in the documentary book Women Healers of the World: The Traditions, History & Geography of Herbal Medicine and was awarded Book of the Year by The International Herb Association and the Gold Award for Women’s Books by Nautilus Book Awards. Holly directs The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine on Martha’s Vineyard, training and certifying community herbalists in herbal medicine, and she is the founder of Vineyard Herbs Teas & Apothecary. Her work has been featured in Parabola, SageWoman, Juno (Britain), Taproot, The New York Times, and more, and her four other books include The Essential Herbal for Natural Health, The Authentic Herbal Healer, Goal Setting for Open-Minded Business Owners, The Healing Kitchen, and An Herbalist’s Guide to Formulary: The Art and Science of Creating Effective Herbal Remedies. As a two-time Small Business Owner of the Year Award recipient, Holly leads empowerment seminars for entrepreneurs, and she facilitates seminars, retreats, and lectures for women’s and business conferences and universities about herbal medicine, symbolism, and the philosophy of healing.