Melani Kovac, SLOVENIA

“Synergy in action: innovation through collaboration”


Melani Kovac devoted her last 10 years solely to promoting aromatherapy by writing popular and professional articles, public lectures, introducing aromatherapy to a wider public on TV and more. To serve this purpose she’s founded Aromainstitut through which she organises and supports different aromatherapy projects, collaborates with colleagues, non-profit organisations, homes for the elderly, hospitals, universities and anyone who can benefit from aromatherapy or is hoping to incorporate aromatherapy in their work. Her curiosity as well as working as an educator for a very wide variety of students (through workshops and seminars for the greater public, private or professional lectures at a clinical setting or teaching colleague and university students) as well as collaborating with distillers, sellers, nurses and scientists inspired her to create a global online platform for all essential oil users and sellers - Dropsmith. Her motto is win-win for all and the goal is to make aromatherapy simple, fun and as precise and safe as possible.