Nick Singer, UK

“On the scent of intranasal delivery: research and applications”

Olfactory responses are highly dependent on both the concentration of odour molecules that reach the nose, as well as the length of exposure to that aroma. This presentation will cover a method of aromatherapy that takes these two factors into consideration: the aroma inhaler. Aroma inhalers are perhaps the single most effective method of aroma-alone intervention, capable of delivering scents highly concentrated directly to the nose, and in brief, intense bursts, in order to produce an effect. By looking at numerous studies conducted on aroma inhalers filled with a number of different blends, we will see that the effects of delivering scents in this manner are quite astounding, capable of influencing not just whole host of psychological and physiological parameters in its stand-alone ability, but also, as we will see, in its ability to be used as an adjunct to other treatment. The aim is to highlight the potential of this method, not just in a clinical setting, but also for every-day use, and hope to encourage those with the capability to do so, to investigate its use in greater detail.


Nick Singer currently works for AromaStick, a company founded by his father in 2008 and which seeks to reinvent aspects of aromatherapy and provide the public as well as the health care segment with a non-invasive, clinically backed product in the form of an inhalation device. He quickly became interested in the scientific aspects of essential oils and their use in therapy and has been heavily involved with the research side of the AromaStick project. This interest has led him to work closely with researchers who have been investigating intranasal scent delivery and its effects on various biomarkers and he continues to be actively engaged in seeking out healthcare professionals, educators and researchers in the hopes of spreading awareness of this method. Originally Swiss, Nick grew up in Australia but moved to Edinburgh to complete his studies. He currently lives in Liverpool where he works full-time on the AromaStick project. In his presentation he will be presenting the results of a number of clinical studies investigating various psychophysiological effects of the AromaStick.