Slobodanka Postic, CROATIA

“Fragrant signatures: the impact of creating and wearing natural perfumes”


Slobodanka is an aromatherapy educator in Croatia who spent many years co-creating and managing educational programs for aromatherapists as well as teaching and writing books on aromatherapy. She is the author of several publications, the first of which, Aromatherapy, Enchantment of Essential Oils published in 1994, sparked the interest for aromatherapy in Croatia. It was followed with two more books (A for Aromatherapy, 2005, 2009, and Fragrant Calendar, 2008) - both were also translated to the Slovenian language and have had an enourmous impact in her part of the world. Slobodanka also manages a website about aromatherapy, natural perfumery and olfactive experiences. Botanical perfumery is Slobodanka’s biggest passion and she creates (out of pure joy and curiosity) beautiful perfumes of botanical origin. She is currently writing a book on natural perfumery. She has been teaching natural perfumery classes for over 12 years.