Botanica2018 is an event which welcomes the support of sponsorship to ensure its continued success and excellence in educational and business opportunities! In return, you benefit from excellent exposure prior to and during the event itself. What is more, as a key sponsor, your presence continues to have influence long after the event via your logo/advert published in two editions of the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy as part of your sponsorship package.

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  1. OilExTech
  2. Boswellness
  3. Aromatic Studies
  4. Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists
  5. Essential Oils
  6. IJCA
  7. Aromahead Institute
  8. Uncommon Scents Movie
  9. Tazeka
  10. EIBE
  11. VAGA
  12. The Herball Salom
  13. AME
  14. Shaktili
  15. 21 drops
  16. Kicoza
  17. Lab Aroma
  18. Bioesse
  19. Aromatics International
  20. Aromatherapy Today
  21. Stillpoint Aromatics
  22. IJPHA
  23. ITHMA
  24. Positive Health
  25. Alliance of International Aromatherapists
  26. CH