Why Botanica2016?

Rhiannon says “The overwhelmingly positive responses to botanica2012 and botanica2014 confirm my conviction that an independent and rich platform of exchange is desired by aromatherapists, herbalists, researchers, scientists, medical professionals, producers and distillers alike. This is coupled with our need to access current and pertinent information for our respective fields of expertise to enable us to forge rewarding futures in plant medicine.

The wonderful momentum gained from the previous two events now boosts us into preparing a botanica2016 that is set to be even more relevant, unique and inspiring!”

The aims of botanica2016 are to:

Why Brighton?

We are excited to be bringing botanica2016 to the UK!

The previous two botanica events were held in Dublin, a vibrant city and ideal destination for our international participants. We believe that it is now time for botanica2016 to be located at another fabulous and accessible conference location in another country. Sussex University on the south coast of England has a recently opened state-of-the-art conference building that is perfect for botanica2016 and what’s more, the university is set in spacious and stunning parkland just a few minutes from the fun and bustle of “London by the sea” otherwise known as Brighton!

Access via public transport to Brighton is easy and rapid from London Gatwick International Airport (30 mins) and from London itself (1 hour).

Come and join us!

Botanica attracts people from far and wide. In 2012, we celebrated with participants from 31 countries and in 2014, this number rose to 39!

With three days of excellent conference, a busy international trade show and an exciting full day of post conference workshops, we know you will have an outstanding experience on multiple levels.

We invite you to join us for what is set to be a truly remarkable international gathering of aromatherapists, herbalists, researchers and scientists - all dedicated to promoting the field of plant therapeutics and clinical aromatherapy. We are looking forward to welcoming you personally.